Park regulations

  • Use of the bike park is at YOUR OWN RISK
  • Helmet required
  • For safety reasons it is FORBIDDEN:
    • Driving against the direction of travel on tracks
    • To stand still, skate or walk on tracks
    • Deviating from the tracks (also due to  growing vegetation)
    • To overtake a slower biker
  • Urgent advice:
    • Use from 12 years and for minors only allowed under the supervision/guidance of an adult
    • Drive with protective equipment, see signs at the start of the tracks and below this text
  • Back to the top via the wide middle path. Pay attention! You share this path with hikers.
  • DO NOT drive down this aisle
  • Exit is downstairs, upstairs is no exit boven
  • Dogs on a leash only
  • No entry between sunset and sunrise
  • No access for motor vehicles
  • Preview hurdles and jumps, only ride tracks that suit your ability and lower your saddle
  • Drive in a controlled manner, so that you can always stop in time. Keep in mind the WIND that has free play here and can throw you off balance
  • Slow down, moderate your speed when approaching walkers and greet kindly
  • Don’t leave any trash behind, take what you bring home with you
  • Follow the directions of administrators
  • Admission is free, donations are welcome!

Opening hours

The bike park is located in a nature reserve and is therefore only accessible between sunrise and sunset.

Regular maintenance takes place, usually on Saturday mornings between 08:00-12:00 or sometimes on Friday evenings during summer time.
See our social media for the latest news. It is possible that one of the tracks is closed. Please understand and cooperate!

Emergency: call 112


There is a limited number of parking lots at the below entrance of the Zandberg (A). Parking is only allowed in the boxes. Obstructing vehicles will be towed.
You risk a fine parking at the Groesbeekseweg.

More parking space:


Bikepark Mook

Groesbeekseweg, Mook

6585 WK





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