QUESTION: How much rock and soil does it take to build a mountain?

ANSWER: Nothing, just a few metric tons of…well…shit!

The “Netherlands” or in French “Pays Bas”, literally means “Low Country”.

40% of this country is below sea-level.

Water and The Netherlands have a symbiotic relationship as old as time itself.

For the most part, Water has proven to be a cunning adversary, but has also been an ally.

Fact is, Water is an omnipresent companion, and in an ever-changing climate, with its consequent challenges, “navigating the waters” is just part of daily Dutch living.

They dream about places high above sea level, where mountain peaks pierce through a blanket of clouds and mountain bike trails with roots, rocks, jumps, drops and berms flow for eternity. They travel to the end of the rainbow to find and indulge in these seemingly mythical places, but what can they do close to home?

It’s not all sunshine and tulips here.

Certainly not the most conducive country to have mountain biking as a passion, but every cloud has a silver lining and with a good dose of Dutch “koppigheid” (stubbornness), a small group of mountain bike enthusiasts are busy turning a moll’s heap into a mountain, or rather, turning an old garbage dump into a mountain biking paradise.

About three years ago, a group of trail riders stated a passion project – a journey to realize a bike park, with a clear goal: “Trails and jump lines in our own riding area, close to home. Riding jumps not only during our summer holiday, but daily.”

Aside from not having mountains, the second biggest hurdle to overcome in The Netherlands is the law: Policies and procedures are, along with “stroopwafels” and “bitterballen” what the Dutch relish in. “That’s why everything works”, they will tell you.

Well, this group of mountain bike enthusiasts were adamant, relentless.

Three years (and some change) later and they now have the permits, the hill, the determination and the community to turn a dream of a mountain bike park into a reality.

Okay, enough romantic, marketing bla bla bla bullshit. We’re going Dutch. Straight. To the point.


We need to raise 50 000 EURO to turn this dream into reality – 5000 fellow riders willing to buy a ticket for the fundraise lottery.

Money will not be spent on expensive construction companies to realize these trails, we are going to buy the materials needed and built the park by a group of enthusiastic volunteers and dig days – A project built on passion and soul.


Everyone who is buying a fundraise lottery ticket will get a chance to win amazing prices. Multiple bikes, Fox Forks, Shimano parts and Öhlins suspension.  If you don’t win one of these fantastic prices you are still a winner, you are welcome to ride the trails and celebrate the first official Bikepark in the Netherlands.

From navigating the waters and claiming land back from the sea, to building a “real’ mountain bike trail park, in the heart of one of the flattest countries on earth. How can you not be inspired to SHARE THE STOKE!


Fox racing shocks






Bikepark Mook

Groesbeekseweg, Mook

6585 WK



  • bikepark@mtb-rijkvannijmegen.nl


  • raffle@mtb-rijkvannijmegen.nl

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