The Zandberg

The former Mook landfill is now called De Zandberg, is located on the western edge of the moraine of Nijmegen and used to be part of the Mookerheide. Until 1963, the site was used as a sand quarry. The excavation permit stipulated that filling the site would restore the former contour lines and slope conditions. As usual at the time, the excavation was filled with (bulky) household waste and comparable industrial waste. The waste came from the municipalities of Mook and Middelaar, Gennep and Ottersum. In total, approximately 500,000 tons of waste has been landfilled. Since 1 January 2003, the landfill site has been owned by Bodemzorg Limburg, has been sown with a location-specific herb mixture and is grazed by sheep.

The Zandberg is approximately 5 hectares and is bordered by the Groesbeekseweg (north side) and the Mookerheide. The highest point is approximately 57 m + NAP. Source.

Bikepark Mook

In the early 2010s, Messrs. Reurich and Salden had the idea to set up a Bikerpark. Both mountain bike enthusiasts were of the opinion that there is a demand for a Bikepark in the Netherlands. the eye fell on the Zandberg, but despite a lot of support from the municipality, the plan went wrong because the then owner was not justified in view of the mountain’s situation at the time.
That did not change until Alex Peters and Peter Mak decided in 2016 that it was time to significantly upgrade the existing red and green MTB routes in the Rijk van Nijmegen. Those routes had become a bit boring at the time because they were largely laid out over two-meter-wide paths, while it had to be a lot more beautiful in this hilly area. They wanted a lot of winding single tracks and trail features within the ample height difference. After positive reactions from site owners and managers, they started work at the end of 2016 and arranged subsidies for the provinces of Limburg and Gelderland and the municipalities of Mook and Middelaar, Nijmegen, Heumen and Berg en Dal. Route building specialist Patrick Jansen was hired for the plan, which resulted in a design with four MTB routes: Nijmegen, Groesbeek, Mook and Malden. The MTB route Mook calls at the Zandberg. There will be two very cool jump lines next to the MTB route, with beautiful flowing cockpit bends. See further the plans


Bikepark Mook

Groesbeekseweg, Mook

6585 WK





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