Regulations lottery

Regulations lottery Foundation MTB Route Network Rijk van Nijmegen

Article 1 Applicability

These regulations apply to all agreements concluded between Stichting MTB Route Network Rijk van Nijmegen (hereinafter referred to as: the Organizer) and persons who participate in the incidental lottery “bikepark Mook” (hereinafter referred to as: participants).

Article 2 License

On December 11, 2020, the Organizer was granted an incidental gaming license for organizing the incidental lottery “bikepark Mook” (hereinafter referred to as: the lottery) by the Gaming Authority under number 14160.

Article 3 Identity of the beneficiary

The lottery is organized by:

Rijk van Nijmegen MTB Route Network Foundation, Tongerlostraat 44, 6845 EV Arnhem, Chamber of Commerce number: 70367019

Lots are exempt from VAT and the net proceeds from the lottery benefit the construction and maintenance of the mountain bike trail, Nijmegen region, more particularly work for the bikepark in Mook (

Article 4 Number of tickets and lottery prizes

During the period from today to June 1, 2021, a maximum of 10,000 lots will be sold under the following options:

Option 1: 6 lots for Euro 30.00

Option 2: 3 lots for Euro 20.00

Option 3: 1 lot for Euro 10.00

Article 5 Participation

Tickets can be bought at []

When buying a ticket, the participant must fill in the following information: name, e-mail address, address and date of birth.

Participants can participate in the lottery by issuing an authorization to the Organizer to debit the amount (s) due to the account number of the participant, or to debit the amount (s) due chargeable to the specified credit card number belonging to an affiliated organization.

After full payment, the participant will be sent an email message containing the lottery number with which he / she participates in the lottery.

Participation in the lottery takes place exclusively on the basis of the data in the registration and administration systems used by the Organizer.

Article 6 Prize package

The total prize package of the lottery consists of:

De loterij


The draw will take place on June 1, 2021 and prizes will be drawn from all entry tickets sold.

A maximum of one prize can be won per lottery number.

Article 7 Announcement of the winning lottery numbers

The Organizer will announce the winning lottery numbers by means of the publication of the drawing results on [] and inform the winners by email.

The winners will be appointed in Nijmegen on the drawing date by the drawing committee under the supervision and registration of a notary.

No rights can be derived from published results deviating from the results registered by the civil-law notary. The participant must check whether the participant has won a prize on the basis of the announcement of the winning lottery numbers.

Article 8 Obtaining and handling a prize

The winners of the prizes will receive a personal message. The prize will be settled by (worldwide) sending at the expense of the Organizer on the basis of the information entered by the participant (see article 5) and by submitting his or her lot number by the participant. Any import duties are at all times at the expense of the participant.

Article 9 Minimum age

Participants in the lottery must be at least 18 years of age or older.

Any prize won will not be awarded to a minor participant who has incorrectly participated in the lottery as an adult.

Article 10 Liability

The risk of late or incomplete payment of the stake due for the lottery rests with the participant. Organizer does not accept any form of liability in respect of the aforementioned cases.

Organizer is not liable for any delay or errors whatsoever in the automated processing of payment or out-of-payment orders at the relevant financial or other relevant institutions engaged by the participants.

Organizer cannot be held liable for restrictions that may be imposed on participation electronically as a result of the general terms and conditions or other provisions of parties on which the participant is directly dependent for his participation electronically, and which have been engaged by the participant himself. .

Organizer cannot be held liable for errors or omissions of third parties in the delivery and distribution of prizes in kind.

Also for problems and consequential damage caused by or inherent in the distribution of the information via the internet as well as technical malfunctions, such as temporary – or the mobile provider of the participant, or other situations of force majeure, the Organizer is not liable.

Organizer is not liable in the event of force majeure. Force majeure is any circumstance that is independent of the will of the Organizer – even if it was already foreseeable at the time of the conclusion of the agreement – that permanently or temporarily prevents the execution of the agreement, as well as, insofar as not yet included herein war, threat of war, riots, insurrection, strikes, transport problems, fire, natural disasters and serious disruptions in the affairs of the Organizer or the persons or companies it engages.

Article 11 Complaints

Any complaints, questions or comments can be addressed to the Rijk van Nijmegen MTB Route Network Foundation via

Article 12 General provisions

Participation in the lottery means acceptance of these regulations.

The winners are not liable to pay any tax on the prizes won. If applicable, the organizer will bear the gambling tax and will ensure that the tax is returned and paid on time.

Prizes will be awarded only to the winner and are non-transferable and non-refundable. Complaints and / or correspondence regarding the nature and size of a prize is not possible.

The right to payment of a prize expires after one year, commencing after the day on which the drawing took place.

All intellectual property on the content of this site, including all text, images, layout, software or other information, belongs to the Organizer.

In the event of fraud or unlawful influencing of the promotion, the Organizer reserves the right to exclude participants, not to pay out prizes or to cancel the right to a prize (afterwards).

Dutch law applies to the lottery. Any disputes arising from the lottery will be submitted to a competent court in Arnhem

Games of chance are exempt from VAT. This also includes the lotteries.

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